Rocks 16×9

831 sm
A jetty requires a lot of rocks. Big rocks.
Not the sort of rocks that roll up on the beach.

So where do these rocks come from and how do they get here?

Begin at a quarry; the source of all jetty rocks.
40A sm
350 sm copy
432 sm
110 sm
A wall of rock…
859 sm
becomes pieces of rock
250 sm
that are harvested,
42 sm
248 sm
and loaded
129 sm
onto trucks.
253 sm
157 sm
823 sm
Some rocks are delivered
815 sm
by truck
01 A sm
all the way to Astoria
359 sm-2
and directly to the jetty.
816 sm
Other trucks haul to ports at Coos Bay or Bellingham
414 sm
for loading onto barges.
731 sm
406 sm
263 sm
The barges travel along the coast
790 sm
to Astoria
870 sm
where they are moored to a MOLF* for unloading.

*material off loading facility

273 sm
219 sm
962 sm
312 sm
The offloaded rocks are moved
430 sm
to a staging area
448 sm
316 sm
ready for placement on the jetty.
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